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About Our Firm

Weiss Arieli & Associates is an international firm, providing services in the San Francisco Bay Area (California) and in Tel-Aviv (Israel) and having a wide experience in various aspects of Israeli Law.


The Firm provides legal services in Israel for clients in the San Francisco Bay area and specializes in Real Estate law, Probate and Estate Law, Property Management, Corporate Law and various aspects of Civil law including Litigation in all Israeli Courts.

Weiss Arieli & Associates provides you the best law services in Israel, with a permanent presence in the Silicon Valley, California. The services are given in Hebrew, English and French.

The Firm also works closely with professional partners highly experienced in the Silicon Valley Real Estate market.




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Stav Weiss, founding partner in the law firm of Weiss Arieli & Associates, has been a real estate, civil and commercial attorney for the past decade. She moved to Israel from Belgium in 2007 and after completing her master's degree in commercial law from Tel Aviv University and the University of California, Berkeley, joined the Israeli Bar Association. As part of her work in Israel, she has mostly been executing real estate transactions for foreign residents in all their aspects, in the format of "Family Office". From 2016 to this day she lives in the Silicon Valley, California.

Sharon Arieli, founding partner of Weiss Arieli & Associates, is a taxation and real estate lawyer in Israel. In 2012 she relocated with her family to the Silicon Valley for several years and has been involved in sales transactions of Israeli clients living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since 2016, she lives in Israel and continues her work as a real estate and real estate taxation law attorney, and also assists and accompanies Israeli investors in purchasing real estate in various locations throughout the Unites States.


Weiss Arieli & Associates Law Offices serve clients living in the Silicon Valley with all their real estate needs in Israel, with an emphasis on their needs as residents of the United States, as well as helps clients living in the United States and Israel buying real estate in the US, both in California and outside of California.

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